Meet the Team

Luke Wassell

(Gemini Owner + Head Instructor)

Luke started Pole Fitness during his second year of University by joining Sussex Pole Society 7 years ago. Since then his love for the sport has simply grown and grown! After a year of learning, he became a teacher in the society and has taught for 6 years. He joined the Gemini team as an instructor under the amazing management of Amy, and took over in August 2018.

Luke is an avid pole competitor who loves the challenge of creating a routine. He won his first competition in 2016 when he represented Sussex at the Inter University Pole Dance Competition (IUPDC), and has since gone on to win numerous titles and placements across the UK, including in doubles pole with his partner Dan.


Luke is a Spin City certified Beginner and Intermediate pole instructor, and is currently working towards his Advanced certification. Luke's favourite thing about teaching is the joy that he sees on students faces when they achieve something they thought was impossible! He is proud to be running Gemini as it is an inclusive, loving, and warm environment that relishes in the success of the incredible students that have chosen Gemini for their journey.

Luke's favourite move is a Brass Bridge!