November 2020 - Covid-19 Update

We're extremely sad that we will have to shut down again in November, but we have good news! Classes will still run this week (TUES 3RD + WEDS 4TH NOV) and classes are on Team Up to book now.


We are hoping classes will resume for 2 weeks after the 2nd December when lockdown has ended, before we break for the Christmas period. Bearing that in mind please note the following:

If you are on a special offer new student 2-4-1 Pole Membership that was set to expire during lockdown, that has been extended by 4 weeks. If your membership expires before lockdown and you have your second class to use, please note if you don't use that class this week your membership shall not be extended.

If you are on a 4X Pole Block, that has been extended until the 16th December. We have checked and that will give you all enough time to use your classes before Christmas.

If you are on a 8X Pole Block, that has been extended by 4 weeks to cover the lockdown period. We shall review expiration dates of these memberships again after the Christmas period.

Flex blocks of all denominations shall continue as planned as the classes are online for memberships to be used.

Pole memberships are now not for sale until January 2021, to limit more confusion over expiration dates. If you do not have a membership and want to come to class this week/the 2 weeks we will (hopefully) operate in December, please use pay as you go.


We will be teaching online pole classes over Zoom like we did during the first lockdown. Please keep looking out for the info to come soon in regards to these classes.


Lastly, we at Gemini just want to say a massive thank you for your continued support this year. During the uncertainty of the first lockdown we were worried that Covid could be the end of Gemini, so all your support and hard work in classes since re-opening in August has been amazing for us and as your teachers wonderful to see. We will be back hopefully in December, and if not 2021, and be better than ever!

Hope to see as many of you in classes this week as we can!

The Gemini Team xx